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✎:For two confessions from my muse to yours.

"If there was no Annie, you would be the one I would like to be with me…also, even if I hold the record of ‘the person that stared at your ass the least amount of times’, there’s no helping it. I’ve stared. More than once. A lot less than Ezreal but I’ve stared."

ooc;; Smoking. If he needs to shut down at the moment, however, he mostly forces himself to recall being shot in the chest by Caitlyn. Somehow, that memory triggers him (still) and it shuts him down and, somehow, empowers him. It weakens him further, of course, but he needs to do what he needs to do.

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✎: For two confessions from my muse to yours.
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"H-Hey!" C yelped as he felt teeth sink into him with a flinch. "I’m not really…up for such rough treatment!"

She laughed heartily, "Bristle? Of course! He and I are inseparable, although that lazy old lout is lounging about the stables right now. I, however, am rather lost." She shifted her pose, her hands moving to rest upon her hips. "A firm handshake, good. Perhaps you would like to assist  me in finding my quarters, C?"

"Heh." He found her interaction with the boar rather heartwarming. "Well, you are within Piltover so you are quite far from your place of origin." He answered. "I could, yes, but it would require quite a lengthy travel time. However, I am very well traveled. I can find the Freljord with ease."

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